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Please click below to access the Nippon Koei Group Human Resources database:

Nippon Koei Group Human Resources Database

System Overview

The Nippon Koei Group Human Resources Database system provides a facility for the online search and management of qualified and eligible consultants for future projects of the Nippon Koei Group (NKG). The following are the three main users of the system:
a.  Client

The NKG, as the main user of the system, can search and select registered consultants in the database based on specific project requirements and criteria.

b.  Consultant

Consultants registered in the database can regularly update or modify their information in the database to increase their chances of being proposed for future NKG projects.

c.  Administrator

Through the system, database administrators of each NKG company can also maintain and manage the records of their registered consultants to ensure that all details are accurate and up-to-date.

For local database administrators, please click below to search for new job opportunities within the NKG.

Recent Job Opportunities for NKG Companies (Internal Only)

Internal Job Opportunities Feature

This feature provides the local database administrators of each NKG company a facility to search for new jobs or posts available within the NKG. Please note that only local database administrators have access to this facility. For freelance consultants, you may need to register first with a local NKG company in order to be considered for any project opportunity. The procedure for new consultant registration is indicated below.
Are you a new consultant? Please click below to register:

New Consultant Registration

Consultants Registration

Individual consultants may register in the database by submitting an online registration form (See link above). Once a registration has been approved, the Client may start viewing the information of the approved registrant in the system. Moreover, the approved registrant will be notified of his/her username and temporary password to access his/her database account for updating purposes. To facilitate the approval process, new consultants are advised to register with the NKG company located within or near their current country of residence.

For new or registered consultants, please email us at support@nipponkoeigroup.com for technical support or for more information regarding the system. Thank you.